Campaign 2010

Feb 28, 2014

10 Days, 10 Reasons We Can’t Trust Lobbyist David Jolly: He Accepted $25,000 From Former Clients



Special interest Lobbyist David Jolly has spent his campaign lying to Pinellas residents and embracing “rigid ideological positions” that are out of touch with Pinellas values. So each day for the next 10 days, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will highlight the top 10 reasons why Pinellas residents can’t trust special interest Lobbyist David Jolly to represent them.

Today’s reason: Washington Lobbyist David Jolly accepted $25,000 in campaign contributions from his former lobbying clients.  These same special interest clients received millions of taxpayer dollars while Jolly was their lobbyist.

“Each day of this campaign has brought new revelations about why Pinellas residents can’t trust special interest Lobbyist David Jolly,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Now we’re learning that Lobbyist Jolly has taken thousands of dollars from his former lobbying clients – showing once again that Lobbyist Jolly will continue putting corporations and special interests over Pinellas residents. Lobbyist Jolly is willing to say anything to distract from his own record of putting Pinellas seniors’ retirement at risk, but Pinellas families just don’t trust a word that Lobbyist Jolly says.”

See for yourself:





Amount Company Received From Federal Government While Jolly Lobbied

Employees of Austin Colby

Jolly lobbied for Austin Colby in 2011



Employees of DRS Technologies

Jolly lobbied for lobbied for DRS in 2012, 2013



Employees of MDI Biological Laboratory

Jolly lobbied for Mount Desert Biological Lab from 2009 to 2013



Employees of Alakai Defense Systems

Jolly lobbied for Alakai from 2008 to 2010


[Pre-Special Filing; Pre-Primary Filing; 48 hour report 2/28/14]


Employees of Entegrion INC

Jolly lobbied for Entegrion in 2010



Employees of Capitol Insight

Jolly lobbied for Capitol Insight in 2013



Employees of Capitol Decisions

Jolly lobbied for Capital Decisions in 2007



Employees of NAC Group

Jolly lobbied for NAC Group in 2012



Employees of SRI International

Jolly lobbied for SRI International from 2011 to 2012



Employees of STS International

Jolly lobbied for STS International from 2007 to 2013



Employees of Florida Association of Broadcasters

Jolly lobbied for the Florida Association of Broadcasters in 2011 and 2012