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Nov 02, 2012

Worst Republican votes in the 112th Congress

For the past two years, Republicans in Congress have failed to act on critical priorities – focusing instead on partisan politics. Meanwhile Americans continue to wait for middle-income tax cuts, a jobs bill, the Farm bill, and the Violence Against Women Act.

To get an idea of just how extreme the Republican Congress has become, read this list of the 35 worst votes House Republicans have taken during the 112th Congress that hurt Americans and weaken the country:

1. To pay for tax breaks for millionaires, they voted to slash Medicare (H. Con. Res. 34, Roll no. 277)

2. Eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood (H.AMDT. 95 to H.R. 1, Roll no. 93)

3. Slash Pell grants which millions of Americans depend on for higher education (H.R. 1, Roll no. 146)

4. Protect tax breaks for corporations that move American jobs overseas (H. Res. 112, Roll no. 150)

5. Against basic protections for LGBT victims of domestic violence (H.R. 4970, Roll no. 258)

6. Abolish programs that help families in need  stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure (H.R. 830, Roll no. 171)

7. Protect oil and gas Wall St. speculators that drive up gas prices (H.R. 2112, Roll no. 458)

8. Weaken the Clean Air Act (H.R. 2021, Roll no. 478)

9. Block increase in combat pay for troops (H.R. 1540, Roll no. 374)

10. Cut the national weather service (HR 1, Roll no. 147, 2/19/2011)

11. Limit the ability of women to access reproductive health care (H.R. 3, Roll no. 292)

12. Weaken protections for battered immigrant women who are legally in the United States  (H.R. 4970, Roll no. 258)

13. Against access to life-saving health care for women (H.R. 358, Roll no. 788)

14. Jeopardize funding for Amber Alerts, which notify the public about abducted childen  (H.R. 1076, Roll no. 191)

15. Protect paychecks for Members of Congress during a potential government shutdown  (H.R. 1255, Roll no. 223)

16. Kept $40 billion in wasteful subsidies for Big Oil corporations (H.J. Res. 44, Roll no. 153)

17. Protect corporate jet owners at the expense of middle class families (S. 627, Roll no. 676)

18. Against protecting the medical records of victims of rape and incest  (H.R. 3, Roll no. 291)

19. Against safeguards that protect our drinking water from arsenic and perchlorate (H.R. 2018, Roll no. 572)

20. Slashed environmental protections across the board (H. Con Res. 34, Roll no. 277)

21. Protect polluters over people who live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities (H.R. 2250, Roll no. 790)

22. Against protecting the public from toxic dust known to cause cancer and brain damage (H.R. 1633, Roll no. 911)

23. Hold hostage a tax cut for middle class families to protect tax breaks for the wealthiest 2% (H. Res. 112, Roll no. 150)

24. Block protection for Gold Star widows and members of the Armed Services facing foreclosure (H.R. 839, Roll no. 197)

25. Protect predatory lenders who target veterans (H.R. 2940, Roll no. 827)

26. Protected taxpayer funding for Congressional gym and dining room (Democratic Budget Alternative, Vote #150, 3/29/12.)

27. Let Members of Congress continue to collect agriculture subsidies in addition to their paychecks (Democratic Budget Alternative, Vote #150, 3/29/12.)

28. Reduce access to nursing home care for seniors (Los Angeles Times, 8/14/12)

29. Repeal the affordable care act, leaving millions of Americans without basic health care protections (HR 2, Roll no. 14, 1/19/2011]

30. Protect more wasteful “Bridge to Nowhere” earmarks (HR 662, Roll no. 159, 3/2/2011)

31. Keep their government health care while repealing yours (HR 2, Roll no. 13, 1/19/2011)

32. Repeal protections to ensure that health insurance companies can’t discriminate on the basis of gender (H.R. 2, Roll no. 14)

33. Cut spending for students with special needs [HR 471, Roll no. 203, 3/30/2011)

34. Cut federal funding for NPR (HR 1076, Roll no. 192)

35. Exempt themselves from insider trading laws (HR 3630, Roll no. 922)

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