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Apr 28, 2004

“Winning the War on Terrorism”

Jim Turner of Texas, the leading Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, and Jane Harman of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, just released a comprehensive report entitled “Winning the War on Terror.”

The full report, as well as an index by subject, is available on the website of the Select Committee on Homeland Security.

This from Reuters

The plan says the United States should make a “dramatic and massive commitment on the scale of the Marshall Plan” for post-World War II reconstruction in Europe to support economic, social, education and political development in the Muslim world.

“Attacking and protecting against terrorists is not enough. To win the war on terror, we must prevail in the battle of ideas. Ironically, it is on this battleground that the terrorists are at their weakest, but it is also where we are losing ground the most quickly,” the proposal says.

Having looked over this report, I can assure you it is all business and represents a serious alternative to the faltering GOP approach.  Take a look for yourself though.  Pelosi introduced the report yesterday:

“The clear and present danger to the security of the United States is international terrorism. Unfortunately, that fact is often lost as the Bush Administration diverts resources and attention to Iraq. The American people—and American interests—will not be safe until we have a comprehensive strategy that makes combating the terrorist threat our top national priority.


“‘Winning the War on Terrorism’ outlines an imaginative and aggressive approach for meeting the nation’s preeminent security threat. It recognizes that success against terrorism will only be achieved through a coordinated approach that combines military, homeland security, and diplomatic initiatives. The Administration should study this report carefully, and take advantage of its innovative thinking in our national response to the terrorist threat.”

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