Campaign 2010

Jan 28, 2013

Quick Clip: DCCC Chairman Steve Israel – Will House Republicans Stand Up to the Tea Party?

In two television appearances this morning, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel outlined the path forward for real immigration reform, gun violence prevention, and a balanced approach to the budget that protects Medicare.

“It’s all about whether House Republicans are willing to stand up to their Tea Party base,” DCCC Chairman Steve Israel told Richard Lui on MSNBC. “You’ve got a bipartisan group of senators – left and right – advocating a path forward. You’ve got the President of the United States who will unveil his views on a path forward. What this comes down to now is will these House Republicans who have pandered to their intolerant Tea Party base, who have fed into the extremism of that Tea Party base, are they willing to stand up to the Tea Party and do what’s right for America?” 

For House Republicans’ part, Politico reports that Speaker Boehner is staying mum





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