Campaign 2010

May 13, 2004

Widows’ Tax

Who is it again that supports the troops?


Washington, D.C.—House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on the unanimous vote in the House Armed Services Committee last night to end the Widows’ Tax:

“America’s veterans and their spouses had a great victory last night in the House Armed Services Committee. After months of grassroots organizing by veterans, pressure by House Democrats, and resistance by Republicans, the Committee finally voted to end the shameful Widows’ Tax. Veterans and Democrats made the Widows’ Tax too hot for Republicans to handle.

“Our nation’s military retirees expect that their survivors will receive a fair portion of the retirement benefit they earned from serving our country. But when the spouse turns 62, that benefit decreases by one third. This tax on military widows is not worthy of our great nation, and must be ended.

“While we celebrate this committee vote, we must be vigilant until the provision actually becomes law. The Bush Administration does not support ending the Widows’ Tax. This struggle is not over. Democrats will continue to fight every step of the way for our veterans to ensure that Congress ends the Widows’ Tax.

“Veterans’ issues have traditionally been non-partisan, but Republicans have advanced a partisan agenda of tax cuts and deficits, instead of putting soldiers and veterans first. This vote was a rare example of bipartisanship in the House, and reminds us how much progress we could make for veterans if Republicans were willing to work with us regularly. If Republicans had joined veterans and Democrats, we could have fully ended the unjust Disabled Veterans Tax, instead of the partial plan phased-in over 10 years that leaves too many veterans behind.”

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