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Mar 25, 2004

Why DeLay and the GOP Must Go

From Congress Daily AM:

Bubbling with confidence President Bush and congressional Republicans will win re-election this November, House Majority Leader DeLay Wednesday laid out the broad outlines of a GOP agenda next year—including the replacement of the federal income tax with a national sales tax.

    DeLay also pledged to begin work this year on a major overhaul of federal law to lighten the regulatory burden on American businesses.

    “We plan to move legislation in the next Congress to fundamentally reform the tax code altogether,” DeLay said in a keynote speech to a symposium sponsored by the Baker & Hostetler law firm, Clark Consulting’s Federal Policy Group and the Yale Club of Washington. DeLay later told CongressDaily he wanted to abolish the federal income tax and impose a retail sales tax he said would produce more revenue.

    If that proves impossible to pass, DeLay said, Republicans would “fall back” on adoption of a new flat tax on incomes that “would be better than the job-killing monstrosity we have now.”

Anybody still the slightest bit swayed by the “job-killer” lie, click here.

We now see what just two more years of GOP majorities will bring.  An unbridled assault on all progressive taxes, in an attempt to replace them with regressive taxes.  Of course, that is already what’s happening; what did the Republicans think the states would do when they got stuck with a $29 billion bill from the federal government?  The Republicans are not “anti-tax,” they want their trash picked up the same as everybody else.  They just do not want themselves and their friends to pay taxes.

Absolutely despicable.

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