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May 21, 2004

Why Contractors?

Financial Times asks the experts:

Several high-ranking military legal officers believe the Pentagon used private contractors to interrogate prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan in a deliberate attempt to obscure aggressive practices from congressional or military oversight, according to a civilian lawyer who has spoken with them.


The civilian lawyer said that the military lawyers, part of the Judge Advocate General corps, complained to him about the use of private contractors during meetings last year, before the scandal over abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison became public.


“They believed that there was a conscious effort to create an atmosphere of ambiguity, of having people involved who couldn’t be held to account,” he said.


JAG lawyers have also raised concerns about the Pentagon’s decision to bar them from interrogations, which they routinely attended during the first Gulf war.

Really, this is starting to get ridiculous.  Listening to the House Armed Services Committee this morning (warning: link goes to NewsMax), it was clear that House Republicans are moving straight backwards.  Any conscience they showed at the beginning is long gone, and their disgusting propaganda seems to be increasing in direct correlation with the mounting evidence undermining it.  Their official talking point is listed in a post below, but their line today was more of the, “It’s being investigated!  Everything has gone by the book since January when the investigation began, what more could you want?!?”

Five months later, and not a soul involved can tell us whether MI and the contractors were in charge, despite the obvious truth appearing in every imaginable news outlet across the country.  And every day that goes by is another day that the rest of the world looks at us, and the troops representing us, and says: “They don’t care, they won’t even bring those responsible to justice.”  As McCain said,


“That’s why we’ve got to clean it up as quickly as possible,” he said on NBC. He added there must be “a complete and independent investigation — and quickly.”

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