Campaign 2010

Mar 16, 2004

White House Stands Firm


“Thompson said he has ordered an investigation by the HHS Inspector General, but that he is confident there was no wrongdoing involved. ‘There was a dispute between Rick Foster and Tom Scully,’ Thompson said, who added that Democrats ‘are trying to demagogue this bill.’”

Maybe the “dispute” was about him being threatened with the loss of his job unless he withheld vital information.  Sometimes that makes people mad.

“An e-mail—obtained by CBS News—appears to show the White House was anxious to hide ballooning cost estimates. Sent on behalf of former Medicare administrator Tom Scully, it warns the agency’s chief actuary, Rick Foster to not tell Congress the price tag would be well above the White House’s stated 400 billion.

“Foster is told ‘the consequences for insubordination are extremely severe’.... “

There seems also to have been a “dispute” with Joseph Wilson, Nick Smith, Paul O’Neill, DA Earle….

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