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Oct 15, 2012

Where’s Roscoe? Embattled Incumbent “Hard to Find” as Seat Slips Away

Multiple outlets recently reported that Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (MD-06) is nowhere to be found on the campaign trail in Maryland’s Sixth District race. After a rough summer in which he compared federal student loans to the Holocaust and questioned the number of pregnancies that result from rape, The Hill and The Baltimore Sun have noted that Congressman Bartlett is hard to find in the Sixth District.   Where has Congressman Bartlett been? Spokane Washington, where he delivered the keynote address at a survivalist expo.

On October 14, The Hill reported:
How aggressively Bartlett is actually campaigning is another question.
The biggest headlines he has drawn over the last month have focused on his head-scratching reference to the Holocaust in the course of answering a question on the federal subsidization of student loans at a forum in early September. Bartlett quickly apologized.
Over the last week, he held no publicly-promoted events, and his campaign would not provide his public schedule to a reporter.

On October 15, The Baltimore Sun reported “Bartlett Hard to Find in State’s Top Congressional Race”:

With three weeks to go before the Nov. 6 election, Delaney, a Potomac banker, has been zipping through a packed schedule of public and private events. Last week, he organized a "women for Delaney" rally on Sunday, met with Hispanic voters on Monday, launched an African-American voter advisory committee on Wednesday and shook hands for 90 minutes as morning commuters poured into the Shady Grove Metro station on Friday.

By contrast, Bartlett's campaign declined to identify a single public event the congressman planned to attend last week except for a debate in Hagerstown in which both candidates participated.

Bartlett's campaign website does not list events supporters may attend. His aides haven't posted a message on Twitter since May. No one was sitting at telephones in the campaign's phone banking operation in Montgomery County during an unannounced visit by a reporter last week.

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