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May 14, 2004

What’s Up in SD

For those joining us late, the special election for South Dakota’s lone House seat (vacated by Janklow) is in less than three weeks.  Our candidate is the young but very impressive Stephanie Herseth.  This is today’s House Race Hotline:

The DCCC began a new TV ad, highlighting atty Stephanie Herseth’s (D) support for veterans and military personnel. “Tough,” a 30-second ad, “features several veterans who say Herseth would support a military pay raise for troops in ‘harm’s way’ and protect veterans’ healthcare and disability benefits.” A veteran in the ad: “Our soldiers are fighting for us, and Stephanie Herseth will fight for them.”

    Both the DCCC and NRCC “have stepped up their financial committment to the race.” The DCCC 5/11 reported spending $832K in 5/04, “since it began advertising in the race earlier this month.” The NRCC ran its 1st ad in early 3/04 supporting state Sen. Larry Diedrich (R), and has since spent $763K.

    Also, SD media outlets 5/11 “challenged the content of a Diedrich campaign ad that includes partial quotations of Herseth” from a 5/5 story in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.” Sioux Falls CBS affiliate KELO reported that the Argus Leader “requested the Diedrich campaign to withdraw the ad ... because the paper maintains the campaign violated its copyright” (Wegner, CongressDailyAM, 5/13). In a release, the DCCC raises questions about Diedrich’s voting record on taxes. His ads “may fabricate quotes and issues, but his votes against repealing the inheritance tax in the Legislature speak clearly” (5/13).

Help us help her- if we can take this seat we will have all the momentum going into November, and will only need 11 more seats to relegate Tom DeLay back to irrelevance.  Savor the flavor.

Update: Commentor ljm rightfully reminds me:
“Don’t forget to mention anybody in the midwest who can go to SD to campaign for Herseth over Memorial Day weekend visit

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