Campaign 2010

Jun 15, 2004

What’s Up in NC-1?

As you may already know, Democratic Rep. Frank W. Ballance Jr. resigned from North Carolina’s 1st for health reasons last week, precipitating a July 20 special election.  Well we’ve got our candidate lined up, this is what CQ Politics Daily has to say:

Democrats in North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District chose former state Supreme Court Justice G.K. Butterfield on Monday as their nominee for a July 20 special election, which will fill the seat vacated by Democratic Rep. Frank W. Ballance Jr. when he resigned June 11 because of ill health.


The nomination makes Butterfield a solid favorite to defeat security consultant Greg Dority, the unsuccessful 2002 Republican nominee, who was tapped for the special election at a Republican Party meeting June 12. The 1st District, which has a narrow black majority, is a Democratic Party stronghold in eastern North Carolina.

If it sounds like special election victory #3 to you, it does to us too.  And while that might seem like a cheap shot at our NRCC pals, the district is no more Democratic than KY-6 or SD-AL were Republican.  Come on, Big Mo.

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