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Mar 21, 2004

Well Put

Wow, this Medicare business really seems to be sticking.  A simple google news search looks like political armageddon for the Republicans.

And it’s not just reprints of AP or NYT stories, it’s the editorial pages of almost any paper you could imagine.  The Baltimore Sun summarizes the situation well today:

The administration is awash in charges of deceitful and thuggish tactics used to win approval of the bill and turn it into a political tool.

Worse, for the rest of us, is that the new program is so flawed, so enormously expensive with little assurance the money will be well spent, that the end in no way justifies the means used to create it.

The editorial suggests a solution:

Mr. Bush ought to cut his losses - and taxpayers’ - as quickly as possible: Proceed with the drug discount cards due out this spring, and shelve the rest.

Even Republicans are shuffling to get on the right side of things.  Time just this second released a story that quotes an anonymous Republican Congressman, who calls the bill “an albatross around our necks.”

Also, John Sullivan (R-OK1), who proudly calls himself “one of the most conservative members of Congress” (click here to see him getting cozy with Grover Norquist), might have made a few powerful enemies today:

Federal officials who misled Congress or pressured others to do so about the cost of the Medicare drug benefit should be fired, U.S. Rep. John Sullivan said.

Accountability can be tough sometimes.

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