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Apr 26, 2013

Wall Street Journal: DCCC Reports Record Haul

Wall Street Journal:

The DCCC pulled in $22.6 million, the most it has ever raised in any first quarter, while the Republicans took in $17.5 million.

Although the two congressional campaign committees are relatively close in the amount of cash they have in the bank – Democrats have $8.9 million and Republicans have $8.1 million – Democrats have only about half the amount of debt as Republicans.

Some $4.3 million came from Democratic caucus members.

The biggest factor, however, was the DCCC’s online donation performance, which brought in $4.7 million, according to the committee.  That’s three times the DCCC’s online haul in the first quarter in 2012 – an election year.

A Republican Party official said the DCCC seems to have learned from President Barack Obama’s highly successful online campaign operation, adding he hoped the Republicans would crank up their own online donation efforts.

The National Republican Congressional Committee’s spokeswoman said the push by House Democrats is critical to the White House.

“The House Republican majority is the last line of defense between President Obama and cementing his liberal legacy,” said NRCC spokeswoman Andrea Bozek. “That’s why [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi has been traveling the country with Barack Obama hosting high-dollar fundraisers. We are working overtime to compete with the billion-dollar Obama-Pelosi machine.”

The DCCC responded that “small donor” donations of less than $200 are more than triple those the NRCC collected in the first quarter: $8.177 million compared with $2.508 million. DCCC Spokesman Jesse Ferguson added that 36% of its donations were small-dollar, compared with 14% of NRCC donations.

Rep. Steve Israel of New York,  DCCC chairman, also played on the ongoing philosophical division within Republican ranks to explain Democrats’ fundraising success.  “The dysfunction and chaos of this Republican Congress has driven business leaders and grassroots online supporters alike to invest in fixing the broken Congress,” he said.

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