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Nov 07, 2013

Vulnerable Republican Congressman Jumps Ship, Things Go From Bad to Worse for Republican Congress

After losing a referendum in Virginia when moderate voters rejected their Tea Party ideology and irresponsible dysfunction, things went from bad to worse today when vulnerable Republican Jon Runyan decided to jump off the sinking ship. 

Congressman Runyan is the 14th Republican to abandon the party’s sinking ship.  To date, no House Democrats have retired.

 What does the latest desertion mean for reckless Republicans’ future?

  • The Cook Political Report moves NJ-03 from “Likely Republican” to “Toss Up.” [Cook Political Report, 11/6/13]
  • The Rothenberg Political Report moves NJ-03 from “Safe Republican” to “Pure Tossup.” [Roll Call, 11/6/13]


Why did Runyan jump ship?

  • “Runyan was reportedly disgusted with the Tea Party in his caucus and has had enough” according to Politicker NJ. [Politicker NJ, 11/6/13]
  • According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, “But one New Jersey Republican said Runyan's frustration began early this year when conservatives blocked a vote on aid for superstorm Sandy – a storm that hammered his district – and continued during the recent government shutdown, which he opposed. Another GOP source said he had become frustrated with Washington's gridlock.” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/6/13]


How is the news playing?

  • Congressman Runyan done in CD3 [Politicker NJ, 11/6/13]
  • Jon Runyan will not seek re-election [Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/6/13]
  • Runyan announces he won't seek re-election in 2014, Belgard enters race [Burlington County Times, 11/6/13]
  • New Jersey Republican Congressman Jon Runyan will not seek re-election [WHYY, 11/6/13]
  • Runyan to Retire After 2 Terms [NBC 10 TV, 11/6/13]
  • N.J. Republican in Obama-won district not running for reelection [NBC First Read, 11/6/13]
  • 2-term Republican Rep. Runyan of New Jersey decides against re-election [Associated Press, 11/6/13]
  • GOP Rep. Runyan, ex-football player, won't run again [USA Today, 11/6/13]
  • New Jersey’s Jon Runyan to Retire After Two Terms in Congress [Bloomberg News, 11/6/13]
  • Rep. Jon Runyan won’t seek reelection [Washington Post, 11/6/13]
  • House Republican not running for re-election [CNN, 11/6/13]
  • N.J. Rep. Jon Runyan won’t run in 2014 [Politico, 11/6/13]
  • Jon Runyan Will Not Seek Re-Election in 2014 [Roll Call, 11/6/13]
  • Jon Runyan Won't Seek Reelection To Congress [Huffington Post, 11/6/13]

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