Campaign 2010

Apr 01, 2013

VIDEO: House Republicans Aren’t Going to Like This…

Take a look at how your grassroots support is helping us hold House Republicans accountable for their radical agenda:

2012 Was Just The Beginning

When House Republicans voted for Paul Ryan's Republican budget this year, we thought we'd send them a useful reminder of what happened in 2012:  Voters sent 16 of their colleagues home.

So, here’s a highlight reel of the greatest hits that led to those defeats – every single one focused on the wrong priorities of the Republican budget, all 16 of them successful.

Robin Hood in Reverse

Republicans say their budget is the best way to communicate their 'governing philosophy,' so we're telling the people what that means: more for millionaires and corporate special interests, less for the middle class and seniors. This morning, we launched online ads in 17 vulnerable Republican districts with a new web video highlighting the radical, out-of-touch Republican budget.

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel introduced our new ad campaign this morning on MSNBC:

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Thanks again for making all of this all possible! If you agree that we shouldn't destroy Medicare to hand out more tax breaks to millionaires, sign our petition today.

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