Campaign 2010

Apr 10, 2013

VIDEO: DCCC Highlights Early “Problem Solvers” Running Against Partisan House Republicans

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today unveiled a new video highlighting early candidates who are running as “problem solvers” to defeat the ideological and dysfunctional House Republicans. The video shows each of these Democrats’ campaign announcements where they share compelling backgrounds that resonate with voters, pledge to be problem-solvers, and commit to creating new jobs, strengthening the middle class, and protecting seniors.

“House Republicans have shown time and time again that they’re unwilling to compromise and would rather put their partisan agenda and ideology ahead of doing what’s right for the American people,” said DCCC Chairman Steve Israel. “There is a committed group of problem solving Democrats stepping forward to run for Congress because they are focused on solutions that will reduce our deficit, strengthen the middle class, and protect seniors. Republicans in Congress are unwilling to solve problems, so they’ve become the problem.”

Problem Solving Candidates, Part 1


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