Campaign 2010

May 26, 2004

Uh oh, it’s coming…

Ha ha, according to the Washington Post we’ve got a trick or two up our sleeve…

‘Republican Survivor’ Show to Debut

The online cartoon features a deserted island with George W. Bush (stabbing his foot while spearing a fish) and Dick Cheney (naked, with his undisclosed location electronically blurred). There’s Tom DeLay, a former exterminator, (squashing a butterfly), John Ashcroft (covering a statue), Katherine Harris (with heavy purple makeup) and Ann Coulter (capturing a bug with her tongue).


It’s called “Republican Survivor,” an attention-grabbing stunt by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Each week—the trailer debuts today—computer users will vote one animated GOPer off the island. Spokeswoman Kori Bernards says the cartoon adventure “will draw more attention to us and our campaign.”


Republican Web sites have also gone the animation route, such as depicting John F. Kerry as a not-so-dashing “International Man of Mystery.” But aren’t some of the island caricatures, well, rather mean? “We made an effort to depict each person in a humorous way,” Bernards insists.

Mean? Who, us? Link to the show out around 10:00 this morning, ha ha ha ha ha…..

(Oh, and for the trolls, here is the RNC’s April Fools video which teaches us all to hate the French, even as we beg them for help in Iraq.)

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