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May 26, 2004

Trent Lott: Phase IV

Via Kevin Drum, Trent Lott enters Phase IV of moral implosion:

“Frankly, to save some American troops’ lives or a unit that could be in danger, I think you should get really rough with them,” Lott said. “Some of those people should probably not be in prisons in the first place.”


When asked about the photo showing a prisoner being threatened with a dog, Lott was unmoved.


“Nothing wrong with holding a dog up there unless it ate him,” Lott said. “(They just) scared him with the dog.”


Lott was reminded that at least one prisoner had died at the hands of his captors after a beating.


“This is not Sunday school,” he said. “This is interrogation. This is rough stuff.”



Other photographs show the dogs straining at their leashes and snarling at the prisoner. In another, taken a few minutes later, the Iraqi is lying on the ground, writhing in pain, with a soldier sitting on top of him, knee pressed to his back. Blood is streaming from the inmate’s leg. Another photograph is a closeup of the naked prisoner, from his waist to his ankles, lying on the floor. On his right thigh is what appears to be a bite or a deep scratch. There is another, larger wound on his left leg, covered in blood.

Moral Clarity.

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