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Oct 22, 2012

Treasure Coast Voters Expose the Truth About Congressman West’s Plan to End Medicare

As the national focus turns to Florida on Monday for the Presidential debate, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released its second Independent Expenditure TV ad to expose the truth about Congressman Allen West’s (FL-18) plan to end the Medicare guarantee. Unfortunately, the truth for Florida seniors is that Congressman West voted for Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan that leaves seniors at the mercy of the insurance industry just to pay for tax breaks for millionaires.


Script of “True”

Constituent 1:            “I'm Allen West.”

Constituent 2:            “I'm Allen West and I voted for Paul Ryan's budget plan.”

Constituent 3:            “The Paul Ryan plan.”

Constituent 4:            “It ends guaranteed Medicare benefits.”

Constituent 5:            “Seniors have to negotiate with insurance companies.”

Constituent 2:            “And pay thousands more out of pocket.”

Constituent 6:            “And I'll use the money to give millionaires another huge tax cut.”

Constituent 7:            “I'm Allen West and I approved this message.”

Constituent 8:            “Because that's the truth.”

Constituent 6:            “That's the truth.”

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