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Jun 16, 2004


Lloyd Garver of has received an invitation to be an Honorary Chairman of the House Majority Trust from Tom DeLay.  He is truly honored:

As a columnist, I have often been rough on politicians from both sides of the aisle. I have certainly not treated the current president with kid gloves. In fact, I have often expressed how appalled I’ve been at things President Bush has done and said. And yet, you still invited me to this occasion. I am very touched. Until now, I had dismissed the president’s description of himself as a “uniter, not a divider” as so much political rhetoric. But because of your desire to include me in this group and at this dinner, I must view the Republican Party as the party of inclusion.


Similarly, I was pleased by your admission that “the Democrats embrace an agenda far different from the principles and ideals of our Republican Party.” I think that such an admission may be the first step to correcting the mistakes of the Republican Party, and I congratulate you on your bravery in making this admission public.

Here’s another individual whose heart has been melted by DeLay’s generosity.  This guy was not particularly grateful.  Oh, and then there was this:

In their search for hard money, House Republicans truly broke some new ground recently by awarding Harry Weiss, president of Weiss and Associates, their National Leadership Award and appointing him the California co-chairman of the Business Advisory Council.


House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) chairs the council, and his signature is on Weiss’ award, which thanks him for his “Republican ideals.”


But then there’s the obligatory twist: Weiss is the proud owner of a PR firm that represents some of the most prolific, uh, “adult” stars in the San Fernando Valley, as well as a few spicy Web sites and video stores. He also founded Nefarious Films, for which Weiss is a producer and director of his own adult flicks. Weiss, who’s been in the industry for nine years, has even landed a handful of roles in his own adult films.

Now we had tanked this program, but I think it is worth reinstating - for today only!

“Anybody who gives us a donation today will be nominated for our super special hunky dory NRCC is Stupid Council, and will also become Businessperson of the Millenium and master of all he or she surveys.”

Join the Council!

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