Campaign 2010

Apr 30, 2004

Torture the White House

Our quasi-anonymous pal Praktike from American Street makes a brilliant suggestion.

Ask the White House” today features Doug Badger, the administration figure fingered by Medicare Actuary Foster as the likely White House member in charge of enforcing the policy of keeping Congress in the dark on the true costs of the bill (which ended up being about $140 billion more than the administration repeatedly claimed).  He has also refused to testify before the Ways & Means Committee, and the White House, as is the fad, has hidden him behind “executive priviledge.”

If we can get anybody who reads this to submit questions about why he won’t testify, why the White House hid the costs, whether, in fact, he gave the order to keep the costs secret, or in general why he has betrayed the people of the United States in such a grandscale systematic fashion, we could send a big wake-up call to these jerks.  Any blogger help will obviously be met with hugs & kisses.  2:00 deadline.

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