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Oct 04, 2013

Top Democratic Candidates Speak Out on #GOPShutdown

While House Republicans are throwing reckless temper tantrums, refusing to end the government shutdown until they get their way to give insurance companies free rein to hike premiums again, top Democratic candidates are going on offense and speaking out. The Democratic candidates back reasonable solutions that would cut the deficit, protect the middle class and re-open the government. Whether it’s public polls or the hometown editorial boards. Republicans are on defense – and Democratic candidates aren’t letting up.

Here are some examples of what top Democratic candidates are saying about House Republicans’ government shutdown:

Pete Aguilar vs. Congressman Gary Miller (CA-31): “Tonight, House Republicans are voting on a plan that would shut down the government at midnight on Monday. Even worse, GOP leaders just added an extreme measure that would allow employers to deny women insurance coverage for even basic contraception. ANY effort to restrict women’s reproductive rights need to be off limits. It’s bad enough Republicans are going to shut down the government. Voting for this measure would be the height of irresponsibility.” [9/28/13]

Andrew Romanoff vs. Congressman Mike Coffman (CO-06): “This is a disaster, and it’s a self-inflicted problem. The Tea Party wing of the House Republicans have run roughshod over that whole building. Speaker Boehner has said his job is to do whatever his caucus wants; there’s just an absence of leadership in that chamber and it’s time we start replacing them with new management.” [9/30/13]

Gwen Graham vs. Congressman Steve Southerland (FL-02): “Not once since Congressman Southerland was elected has Congress actually passed a budget, and last night they failed again.  Enough is enough.  Until Congressman Southerland does his job and passes a budget that keeps our government open, he simply does not deserve his taxpayer funded salary.  We pay them to solve problems, not score political points.” [10/01/13]

Staci Appel vs. Congressman Tom Latham (IA-03): “Every day I hear from Iowans who have had enough of the bickering and political grandstanding. Congress needs to work together, use a little common sense and get the job done. It is shameful that Iowa’s middle class families will be bearing the brunt of the burden from the dysfunction and misplaced priorities of Congress’ inability to exercise its most basic function, passing a budget.” [10/01/13]

Ann Callis vs. Rodney Davis (IL-13): “Instead of solving problems or helping citizens here in Illinois, Rodney Davis and Congressional Republicans have forced the government to shutdown just to score political points with their right-wing base […] The dysfunction and obstructionism in Congress the last few weeks makes me more motivated than ever to prevail in this campaign and bring my proven record of practicality and common-sense solutions to Washington.” [10/01/13]

Jerry Cannon vs. Congressman Dan Benishek (MI-01): “Rather than working to come up with reasonable solutions, Washington continues the gridlock that has taken us just hours from a government shutdown. This kind of brinksmanship hurts our seniors, military personnel, veterans and the small businesses that drive the economic engine of northern Michigan. This overly political effort is a major failure by Congress to fulfill its duty of doing what’s right for the country.” [10/01/13]

Pam Byrnes vs. Congressman Tim Walberg (MI-07): “It’s time we had people willing to work together to find common sense solutions. Congressman Walberg won’t have to worry about the shutdown since he’ll keep his salary, but Michigan’s seniors, veterans, and small business owners could pay the price for his move to hold our economy hostage to political posturing.” [10/01/2013]

Mike Obermueller vs. Congressman John Kline (MN-02): “Today, thanks to Congressman Kline, we’re just hours from a government shutdown. Congressman Kline and his leaders in Washington put our economy at risk for the sake of political games. […] Congressman Kline should be ashamed for keeping his paycheck for not doing his job, even while veterans and seniors face the uncertainty that comes with a government shutdown. We cannot allow Congressman Kline and his leadership to keep putting their extremist agenda ahead of what’s best for this country.” [9/30/2013]

Roxanne “Rocky” Lara vs. Congressman Steve Pearce (NM-02): “No one in their right mind can think that what's happening in Washington right now is good for this country. This is the greatest nation on earth and our leadership should be focused on solving problems, not creating them. Instead of getting things done, Tea Party Congressmen - including Congressman Steve Pearce - are demanding that their partisan agenda come before the country's basic business. With less than 8 hours left before the government shuts down, Congressman Pearce and his colleagues need to wake up fast. We deserve leaders who understand that they are accountable to the people they serve, not some partisan agenda. In Congress, I'll work to get things done for southern New Mexico, not add to the partisanship and gridlock." [10/04/2013]

Domenic Recchia vs. Congressman Michael Grimm (NY-11): “Michael Grimm’s decision tonight to stand in lockstep with the Tea Party and take America over the budgetary cliff is irresponsible beyond measure. Michael Grimm’s decision to abandon his constituents at this time is particularly cruel considering he knows that the shutdown will halt Sandy recovery efforts.” [10/01/13]

Martha Robertson vs. Congressman Tom Reed (NY-23): “Congressman Tom Reed has lately been trying to run away from the ‘Tea Party’ label, but now he is showing his true colors with his full-throated support of the government shutdown. Four out of the six New York GOP members of Congress are openly critical of this extremist strategy. Even worse, Reed advocates a default on the debt ceiling in a few weeks, which would cause major damage to our economy while threatening delivery of Social Security checks, Medicare payments and Veterans benefits. Just like Tom Reed not paying his property taxes on time, he thinks it's OK for the Congress not to pay its bills either.” [10/01/13]

Erin Bilbray vs. Congressman Joe Heck (NV-03): “While the Act isn’t perfect, Joe Heck continues to waste the taxpayer’s time and money on political games that put our economic recovery at risk. […] Heck’s vote today is exactly what’s wrong with Washington.” [09/20/2013]

Jennifer Garrison vs. Congressman Bill Johnson (OH-06): “This is a sad day for America.  After nearly three years of gridlock and obstruction, our Congress has reached a point where it is unable to perform even the most basic function of ensuring our government continues to operate.  This is an irresponsible, political stunt that will harm our economy and further damage the toxic political atmosphere in Washington. It is shameful that Congressman Johnson voted to shutdown the government.  Our country needs representatives who may not always agree, but are willing to work together to help American families.” [10/01/13]

Kevin Strouse vs. Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08): “Like many Americans, I’ve grown frustrated with the political gamesmanship in Congress, which has brought our government to the brink of shutdown and put our economic recovery at risk. By using the threat of a shutdown, Republicans in Congress are harming our ability to govern effectively, and preventing our country from reaching its potential. A government shutdown, due tomorrow, Oct. 1, unless a last-minute deal is reached, would have severe consequences, undermining our economy.” [10/01/13]

Suzanne Patrick vs. Congressman Scott Rigell (VA-02): “Congressman Scott Rigell’s dysfunctional Washington politics have now caused a government shutdown – hurting Hampton Roads middle class families at every level and delivering a self-inflicted wound that our economy simply cannot afford. […] Even on the most pressing issue of passing a budget, Congressman Rigell is standing in the way of solutions at every turn. Until Congressman Scott Rigell does his job and passes a budget that keeps our government open, he simply does not deserve his taxpayer funded salary. Enough is enough: the mindless obstruction and partisanship is no way to lead.” [10/01/13]

Amanda Renteria vs. Congressman David Valadao (CA-21): “We have plenty of real challenges to address in our country, and it is terribly irresponsible for Congressman Valadao to be part of the government shutdown. […] With some hard work and a practical approach—two things that we know about in the valley—we can solve a lot of problems. Partisan agendas and posturing won’t solve any of our challenges, and it’s past time for Congress to get to work and do the job that we expect. [10/03/2013]


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