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Oct 08, 2012

Tomorrow’s the Big Day: Roraback Set to Sell Out to Tea Party at Fundraiser with Speaker Boehner

Tomorrow’s Andrew Roraback’s big day—his Tea Party coronation with a closed-door fundraiser with Speaker John Boehner.  Andrew Roraback has already embraced the Romney-Ryan ticket and taken marching orders from Washington Republicans including supporting their economic plan that puts millionaires ahead of the middle class and Medicare for seniors.  Now he’s going a step further by fundraising with Tea Party Leader Speaker Boehner.
“Speaker John Boehner fundraising behind closed doors for Andrew Roraback will confirm what we’ve been saying for months - that Andrew Roraback is a sell out to the Tea Party Republicans and their unpopular agenda to end Medicare’s guaranteed benefits in order to fund tax breaks for millionaires,” said Stephen Carter of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Andrew Roraback can try all he wants to cover up his support for the Republican agenda, but he’s embraced the Romney-Ryan ticket and called their plan for the economy his own—and now he’s raising campaign cash with the leader of this Tea Party Republican Congress.”

Roraback Called the Republican Economic Plan “Our Plan.” At a Hartford press conference following the Republican National Convention, Roraback claimed that “I think that because the economy is so central to the discussion we're having as a nation and because, I think, our plan is a much better plan than that which is being offered by the other side.” [CT-N, 8/31/12]
Roraback Said He Agreed with the Tea Party’s Fiscal Policies. In a July 2012 primary debate, Roraback told the audience, “on fiscal matters, there would be many opinions that I would share with members of the Tea Party Caucus.” [Brookfield Republican Town Committee Debate, 7/30/12]

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