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Feb 25, 2004

Tom Delay Fundraising Scandal Update

The Austin-American Statesman is reporting that Tom DeLay aide John Colyandro sent a blank check to the RNC as part of their coporate money laundering.

John Colyandro, executive director of DeLay’s Texans for a Republican Majority, said in a deposition that he had the blank check sent because Ellis had a meeting with Republican National Committee officials scheduled the next day.

It has been known for almost a year that Texans for a Republican Majority gave $190,000 in corporate donations, which could not be donated legally to candidates, to the Republican National State Elections Committee. In a single day two weeks later, the national committee cut seven checks to Texas House candidates totaling $190,000 in money that could be legally given to candidates.

The contributions are part of a criminal investigation of whether corporate money was illegally used in the 2002 state legislative elections.

Ahh, respect for the law. If you would like to send a LEGAL contribution to send them packing in November (or before), please click here.

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