Campaign 2010

Apr 19, 2004

This Could be Interesting

Congress wants answers, says the LA Times:

An increasingly anxious Congress has summoned Bush administration officials to testify this week on their plans for quelling violence in Iraq and for handing power over to Iraqis by June 30.

Three congressional committees have scheduled hearings that Republican lawmakers hope will produce information they need to explain President Bush’s Iraq policy to increasingly restive constituents. Democrats say the hearings will provide a forum for criticizing what they say have been the administration’s missteps.

And Ron Brownstein tacks on some history and an analysis of Dick Lugar’s role in a separate piece,
On Iraq War, Senate Panel Picking Up Where Russert Left Off”:

Lugar is under no obligation to oppose Bush on Iraq. But Lugar’s position obligates him to pursue the answers Americans need to know, not just this week, but week after week. Does anyone imagine that if William Fulbright were sitting in the chairman’s seat now, with Americans dying every day and momentous decisions approaching in Iraq, he would leave the toughest questions to Tim Russert?

Once again, cover for their corrupt bosses, or distance themselves and assert their conscience.  To be complicit, or not to be complicit- that is the question.

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