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Oct 23, 2012

Third DCCC TV Ad Reveals Congressman Latham’s Plan to Privatize Social Security

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today released its third Independent Expenditure TV ad in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District highlighting Congressman Tom Latham’s plan to risk seniors’ Social Security benefits on Wall Street while taking over $360,000 from financial interests. The DCCC IE’s TV ad, “These Guys,” starts running today.

These Guys 

Script of  DCCC IE Ad “These Guys” IA-03

VOICEOVER:  After all they’ve done. 

Who would turn Social Security over to these guys?

Congressman Latham.

Latham wanted to privatize Social Security.  Risk it on the stock market – which could slash guaranteed benefits.

Financial interests gave Latham over three hundred sixty thousand

As they stand to make billions in profits from privatization.

Congressman Latham.  Out for Himself.  Not us.

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