Campaign 2010

Feb 14, 2004


They came from across America.  From nearby states like Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Illinois—to places further away like California, Montana, Michigan and Puerto Rico � and many locations in between.

Differentiated by their ages, interests and hues, they were united by their understanding that the pivotal elections of November 2004 would really begin on Tuesday, February 17.  And voters in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District have the privilege of casting the first votes.

It appears an easy choice. On the one hand, Democrats have nominated former two-term Attorney General Ben Chandler � a man known for his independence, integrity and effectiveness in office.  On the other, State Senator Alice Forgy Kerr, the GOP candidate about whom the best that the Lexington Herald-Leader could say was that she is �a pleasant, well-meaning person who is way over her head in the Kentucky Senate.”

And so they came, by car, bus and plane.  I was on a bus filled with volunteers from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC that pulled into the parking lot of a Lexington, Kentucky hotel in the early morning hours. As my bleary-eyed compatriots marched down the steps, we were greeted on the pavement by a throng of young people waving Chandler signs.  Turns out that many of these people were from the Kentucky contingent, who for obvious reasons constitute the largest pool of people involved in this race, and they thought it appropriate to welcome us to their state � at 4:20 AM! (Don’t these people ever sleep?)

But sleep would come later. For now there is work to do!

More later.

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