Campaign 2010

Apr 15, 2004

The Ugly

The San Antonio Current put out it’s “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” today: 

The ugly: Depending on your viewpoint, the Democrats, self-imposed exile to Oklahoma and New Mexico to protest Congressional redistricting was either courageous or infantile. (With news of Tom Craddick’s and Tom DeLay’s financial hanky-panky, the Dems are starting to look courageous.)

Civil liberties came under siege, even in San Antonio, where you could be arrested for protesting against President Bush, profiled for driving while brown or black, and threatened for being Middle-Eastern.

Also ugly: Tom DeLay’s plan to eliminate income taxes and taxes on corporations and levy a national sales tax, likely to be 36% or more on every purchase made by every American.  We discussed this in a previous post, but here’s DCCC Chairman Matsui’s statement on it today:

“One tax day a year is hard enough on working families, but if Tom DeLay has his way, it will feel like April 15 every time you go to the store.  Tom DeLay’s mission to create a massive national sales tax after the election is another reason why hard-working Americans can’t afford another two years of the Republican House.”

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