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May 07, 2004

The Mighty Petition

The Dismiss Rumsfeld Petition.

Washington Times:

Republicans said Democrats were just seeking political gain in their calls for Mr. Rumsfeld to step down. They pointed to an e-mail sent yesterday by the political arm of House Democrats, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, calling on Democrats to sign a petition asking the secretary to resign.

The DCCC online team said that the Washington Times is the most expensive partisan advertisement in history.  They pointed to the fact that it is run at a loss of $100,000,000 per year.

New York Times:

And the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee posted a petition on its Web site, with Mr. Rumsfeld’s picture underscored by red letters that declared: Resign Now.

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Update:  Media Matters rounds up some opinion on the right on who is to blame.  Ann Coulter and Linda Chavez of Fox News blame it on letting women into the military in the first place, pointing to the “girl general” in charge, but mainly to the woman who appears in so many of the pictures.

But it seems to be almost certain that the reason this woman was in the pictures, and in fact why these soldiers were giving thumbs up etc., and in fact why the pictures were taken at all is that they were shown to the prisoners afterwards to humiliate them further.  Having a small white American woman taunting in the picture was meant to add to the effect. 

A number of Republicans also denounced the taker and distributor of the pictures during the House debate yesterday- comments that would also become somewhat nonsensical if the above is correct.  Am I wrong? Comments?

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