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May 21, 2004

The Goth Problem!

The Kansas City Star reports on Rep. Graves’ (R-MO6) crowning acheivement:

Almost half of a $273,000 grant awarded in 2002 to fight the Goth culture in Blue Springs has been returned because of a lack of interest - and the absence of a real problem.


Blue Springs received the grant two years ago from the Youth Outreach Unit, money the city and U.S. Rep. Sam Graves trumpeted proudly as a way to fight a perceived Goth problem.


But $132,000 of the grant was returned because officials never found much of a problem with the Goth culture, which some students called a fad that most people eventually outgrow.


Slightly more than $118,000 of the money was earmarked for therapy, assessment and case management, and the plans also included a series of town meetings to discuss the issue.

Ay dios mio.  Better have DeLay call the Homeland Security Department.

Meet his opponent, Charlie Broomfield.

Update:  I had forgotten about this, but our friend Archpundit turns us on to BlogKC, which in turn links to this story:


Goon Squad U.S. Rep. Sam Graves and his lackeys never miss an opportunity to rough up a local political race. The Pitch

The Hill also picked up on the story a couple days later, nasty stuff.  But nothing compared to the Goths.

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