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Apr 22, 2004

The GOP Congress Celebrates Earth Day

CQ Today:

Joe L. Barton, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said Wednesday he is open to moving legislation that would grant the Defense Department leeway in complying with three major environmental laws, a reversal of the position held by his predecessor.

But objections from a key senator could still keep the exemptions from becoming law.

Former panel Chairman Billy Tauzin, R-La., blocked the Pentagon’s request for waivers the past two years. Barton, R-Texas, took the helm of the committee, which has jurisdiction over the laws, earlier this year.

Tauzin aides said he was wary of the proposal, which would give the military exemptions from the Clean Air Act (PL 101-549), the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (PL 94-580) and the Comprehensive Environmental Responsibility, Liability and Recovery Act (PL 96-510), also known as the superfund law.

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