Campaign 2010

Jun 02, 2004

The Diedrich Comeback!

According to the NRCC, Diedrich is closing in!

Polls Show Diedrich Closing in on Herseth in South Dakota Special Election Race

Ha ha ha.

And let’s take the time to dedicate this victory to Karl Rove, who took time out of his busy schedule to co-host a fundraiser for Diedrich (and no doubt lend a hand for some of Diedrich’s dirtier deceptions), to Denny Hastert for his ham-handed help, demonstrating for all to see what kind of masters Diedrich would be serving, and to Katherine Harris for rolling into South Dakota for a fundraiser, and her no doubt valiant efforts in Republican Survivor (Premiering tomorrow, sign up now!).

Really, we couldn’t have done it without all of you, and we hope the joy that brings you makes up for any disappointment or embarassment that losing your second “red seat” in less than four months has brought.  Cheers!

* We would thank President Bush, but for some reason Diedrich never invited him to show up…

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