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May 07, 2004

“That’s Possible”


BAYH: Your resignation has been called for; that’s a pretty serious thing for any of us. And you answered that if you ever concluded that you could not be effective in discharging your duties, you would step down. But that you would not do so as part of a political witch-hunt, so to speak.

There’s another aspect of this, though, I’d like to ask your opinion about, and that is whether, in your opinion—and I know it is ultimately a decision for the president to make. But in your opinion, even though you weren’t personally involved in the underlying acts here, would it serve to demonstrate how seriously we take this situation, and therefore help to undo some of the damage to our reputation, if you were to step down? 

RUMSFELD: That’s possible. 

BAYH: I appreciate your candor.

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Update:  Rumsfeld is now simulataneously arguing that this was just one of thousands of investigations, and that’s why he didn’t know, and also that the Pentagon loudly “announced it to the world” in January, so everybody knew.

Reminds me of this:

“I’m asked a lot of questions. I use a lot of words, and I’m sure, from time to time, I say something that, in retrospect, I wish I hadn’t.”

Update #2: He now says that he first saw the photos “some time” between January when he heard about the report and the airing of them on 60 Minutes II.  Not very informative…

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