Campaign 2010

May 05, 2004

Texas Tuesdays

Looks like Charles Kuffner and the other Texas bloggers did pretty well on their inaugural “Texas Tuesday.”  Yellow Dog Blog also has a guest post by DeLay’s opponent, Richard Morrison:

My favorite congressman is Sam Rayburn. His power (and he had as much, if not more, than Mr. DeLay) came from his unassailable honesty. Mr. Sam could not be bought. He was a public servant for over 40 years and when he died, his estate was worth less than $11,000. I do not understand how a person could get elected to congress as a near bankrupt bug-killer and then become a millionaire. I will never be bought; I will never be beholden to the special interest that has ruined our government. I will only serve the people of District 22 and America.

Check him out, or help us help him.

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