Campaign 2010

Jun 09, 2004

Texas Tuesday

It’s never too late to get on the Texas Tuesday beat.

Martin Frost


In short, Frost will have to wade knee-deep into several red precincts and change some voters’ minds to get them to vote for him. Its a task he’s been handling as well as can be done, from most outward appearances.


BL: Tom DeLay and the Republican leaders in Austin targeted you from day one of the redistricting fight, and cut up the compact, majority-minority district 24 into about five or six districts. Why do you think that you were targeted, and what does it say about the Republican leadership when they split up the minority communities in Oak Cliff, south Dallas, Arlington and southeast Fort Worth?


MF: I have been an effective advocate for voters and have been willing to stand up to Tom DeLay when others ignored his extremism or actively avoided it. Tom DeLay fears independent thinkers and fighters. I am both.

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