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Mar 10, 2004

Texas Primaries

As many of you know, the Texas redistricting was one of the lowest points in one of the lowest sessions of Congress in memory.  Well, the Texas primary results are in, and this is what National Journal’s Hotline had to say on it:

“The TX primary results are in, and the GOP-drawn map for the most part had the intended effect on the outcomes: freshman Chris Bell (D) was easily defeated by a minority candidate, three Dem incumbents will face strong GOP challenges in the general and three new seats will definitely send a GOPer to serve in the 109th. But despite the map, Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D) did win the nomination in a new majority Hispanic district over a Hispanic candidate. “

In the nail-biter that just ended, Rep. Ciro D. Rodriguez narrowly held onto the nomination over challenger Henry Cueller by 126 votes in District 28.

See complete Texas results here.

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