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May 06, 2014

Ten Reasons Michael Grimm Should Feel Lucky

Indicted Congressman Michael Grimm said in an interview that he was “one of the luckiest members of Congress.”

“Despite getting arrested and indicted just a week ago on 20 counts of obstruction of justice, perjury, falsifying his taxes, and wire fraud, just to name a few – Congressman Grimm does indeed have plenty of reasons to feel lucky,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “After all, Grimm is the same member of congress who locked himself in the bathroom at a bar for 17 minutes, threatened a reporter’s life, and managed to never face the consequences. The only people luckier than Michael Grimm are the New Yorkers who will have the opportunity to vote him out of office in November.”

Here are ten Reasons Why Michael Grimm Should Feel Lucky:

1. Speaker John Boehner hasn’t abandoned him.

2. Leader Eric Cantor hasn’t abandoned him.

3. NRCC Chairman Greg Walden hasn’t abandoned him.

4. Congressman Grimm locked himself in a bar bathroom with another person – for 17 minutes – and no one called the cops.

5. He was never arrested for threatening to throw a reporter over a balcony.

6. The House Ethics Committee hasn’t gone after him yet…because the Department of Justice has asked them to wait until they are done investigating him.

7. His ex-girlfriend who was arrested for an illegal straw donor scheme to direct contributions over the limit to Grimm’s campaign still hasn’t ratted him out.

8. Grimm’s former campaign fundraiser Ofer Biton hasn’t flipped on him yet.

9. His business partner at Healthalicious - and friend to organized crime – Bennett Orfaly hasn’t flipped on him yet.

10. Geraldo Rivera hasn’t abandoned him.

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