Campaign 2010

May 03, 2004

Taking Care of Texas

The Texas Bloggers mean business.  The Yellow Dog Blog announces this (via their partner, Charles Kuffner):

Starting tomorrow a coalition of Texas bloggers including yours truly, Burnt Orange Report, Off the Kuff and Greg’s Opinion will launch “Texas Tuesdays” where a Texas congressional or legislative candidate will be profiled each week with a guest post, a short interview and a fundraising goal from each site. We want to raise as much money for as many Texas candidates as possible and the netroots is the best way to do this!

Now we’ll be giving plenty of help to our Texas people as well, and I don’t mean to say there is any better donation to make than to the DCCC on this premiere of Hard Sell Monday, but if you’ve got a severe case of “The Mondays” that interferes with your otherwise generous tendencies, shoot over to them.

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