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Apr 22, 2004

Snow Teaches Kids How to Save

There are just too many unqualified teachers these days:

U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow teaches financial education lesson to a fifth-grade class as part of the National Teach Children to Save Day sponsored by the American Bankers Association Education Foundation, New York, 9:30 a.m.

Taking such lessons from an administration that has managed to put the IMF and the protesters on the same side might not be the best idea:

But, the IMF warned: “A more disorderly adjustment - including abrupt movements in exchange rates - could not be ruled out.” It also said that US fiscal deficits could have a serious impact on US and global interest rates and economic growth.


While welcoming the Bush administration’s plan to halve the budget deficit, the IMF warns that, “credible measures to achieve this reduction have yet to be put in place”.

Title of that last article? 
“Snow dismisses worries on US deficit.”

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