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Oct 31, 2012

Shot/Chaser: Jason Plummer’s Ethical Fine Line

SHOT: Editorial: Belleville News-Democrat Wondered if Plummer Has Something to Hide By Not Releasing His Taxes. In a February 2012 editorial, the Belleville News-Democrat urged Plummer to release his taxes. “The more Plummer refuses, the more it makes you wonder if he has something to hide. […] Plummer needs to release his tax returns.” [Belleville News-Democrat Editorial, 2/25/12]

SHOT: Plummer's Late Property Taxes Become Issue In Metro East Congressional Race: “Now comes news that Plummer has paid property taxes late on his home in Edwardsville, which is outside the district he's running to represent. Records show Plummer paid the taxes late for tax years 2011 and 2009, according to Madison County property records. Democrats say the issue demonstrates why Plummer should release his income tax returns, which he has declined.” [St. Louis Post Dispatch, 10/19/12]

SHOT: Retired sergeant: Plummer committing voter fraud. “An Iraq war veteran claims Republican 12th Congressional District candidate Jason Plummer is guilty of voter fraud and says he intends to file charges with the state’s attorney’s office.” [The Southern, 10/30/12]

CHASER:  Jason Plummer: "There's a fine line between ethics and legality." [Belleville News-Democrat, 10/30/12]

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