Campaign 2010

May 29, 2004

SD: Photoblog 1

I should probably be resting for a long day of work here, but instead, we have the first photoblog installment!

So far no one has been attacked by any wild animals... but I here that Buffalo can charge pretty fast.

You saw the photos from the rally before we boarded the buses for BWI last night, here is the full story.

Early checkin began at 2pm, by 6, there was a line to the corner.


You already saw the pix from the kickoff rally (if not, the pictures of DCCC Chair Matsui and Paul Begala are here).

After the rousing speeches, it was on the busses (8 of them) to the airport.


Now, I must say that getting 400+ activists through airline check-in and security on one of the busiest travel days OF THE YEAR would be a pain… but Jay and Crystal really smoothed things out. Aside from a delayed plane, we were WHEELS UP FOR SOUTH DAKOTA!


We arrived a few hours later.


Grabbed our luggage


then headed for a few hours sleep (well, some of us slept…). Anyway, I hate to run, but the breakfast spread should be open by now. We do know how to treat our activists right.


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