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May 30, 2004

SD GOP: Running Scared & Lying

So, the SD GOP website, is freaking out about how organized we are. They also neglect to mention that we have tons activists FROM SOUTH DAKOTA knocking on doors.

What is even more amusing to me than them posting OUR pictures, is that they are (as you probably already know), big GIANT hypocrites. They flew over 100 Hill Staff into Omaha yesterday. That trip was organized by the Chief of Staff to Tom Feeney (R-FL), who you may remember as a key player in the Florida 2000 election debacle.

(Update: you can read about that effort at The Hill)

Finally, I can assure you that they are lying when they say we have the “John Kerry for President” bus shuttling volunteers around. You can call the John Kerry campaign to confirm that if you have nothing better to do.

Anyhoo, I need to run and remind some people about some election sometime… and get a picture of a buffalo. And send my grandma a postcard.

btw - we have South Dakota volunteers all over the state. We were really expecting this to be a HUGE ground fight. So far, we have seen 4 GOP volunteers actually out trying to Get Out the Vote. 4. So, perhaps we should read their anger as more the result of their failed attempt to get anyone excited enough to actually go out and volunteer for Larry Diedrich.

sour grapes (pl.n. ) -

1. Denial of the desirability of something after one has found out that it cannot be reached or acquired: The losers’ scorn for the award is pure sour grapes. (thanks

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