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May 19, 2004

SD Gets Letters

Actually, they get a lot of letters, and I have to say I’m impressed with the extent to which SD newspapers allow for community discussion on elections that way.  But this is one that hits right on point for Republicans across the board:

Two-legged stool Rapid City Journal May 19, 2004


Larry Diedrich promises to balance the federal budget and to lower taxes. This absolutely cannot be done without reducing spending as well. Like a two-legged stool, his tax platform is incomplete unless he exercises the courage to tell us which billions in public services he intends to cut.


We can’t cut defense. Iraq alone may require up to a quarter-trillion dollars by the time we’re done there. South Dakota’s water projects? How about farm subsidies? The president has suggested Social Security.


As Mr. Diedrich insists, we need to know how he will vote in Congress before we vote.


His Web page blames “Washington politicians” for wasting our money. That’s a funny place to point fingers. The last time I checked, Congress and the White House are controlled by his own party. Who’s he running against?


Any politician who campaigns to make the federal tax cut permanent is cloaking a scheme to shift more debt to future generations. In 2005 alone, the federal government will pay $178 billion in interest on the national debt.


Diedrich’s plan makes that problem worse. I doubt he runs his family farm this way, so why should we let him do it in Washington?

We need folks to help us GOTV next weekend (right before June 1st), sign up here if you live in the SD or DC areas (we’ll fly you out, free food and lodging).

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