Campaign 2010

Jun 01, 2004

SD: E-Day Morning Report

The GOTV effort is in full swing now - we were fed at 6am and on the streets by 6.30 (polls are open from 7am-7pm Central Time). Here are Brianna and Danielle braving the wind with us. They are from Sioux Falls, so they took some time to go vote and are now back out on the streets (I feel guilty sitting here warming my hands on the laptop…)

Seriously - the wind is crazy. All three of my group’s signs this morning eventually got ripped by the gusts. Yesterday, I was out with some folks from South Dakota State and one of our signs blew into traffic. It was rescued by a guy who was delivering Chinese food. He likes Herseth so much he jumped out of his car (waiting at a red light) and chased it about 30 feet. That is dedication…

More later!


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