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May 13, 2004

SD-AL: Diedrich’s Ad Fabricates Quote

For those of you wondering what has been going on in the South Dakota Special Election (June 1st), apparently GOP candidate Larry Diedrich has been doing some “selective editing”... never mind… I will just say it—FABRICATING quotes from the Democrat, Stephanie Herseth, and taking her actual quotes out of context.

The title of the ad? “Straight Talk”. Here is the story:

The ad has a voice over reading a “quote” supposedly from Herseth:

voice over: “But just days ago, she told the press, quote, “I do not favor making them permanent - It is not the best solution”

Meanwhile, the screen has a visual of the “quote” in print. It reads:

“STEPHANIE HERSETH: “I do not favor making a push to make all tax cuts permanent.” April 5, 2004

“STEPHANIE HERSETH: is not the best solution.” April 5, 2004

So there are 2 problems:

a) The audio of the quote omits the word “all” indicating that she would repeal all of the tax cuts - instead of making the ones that affect working families permanent. Both versions also cut out the rest of her sentence, which is “... at a time of record deficits.” but who’s counting?

b) The second part is NOT A QUOTE FROM HERSETH. It is from the Sioux-Falls Argus Leader’s political reporter, paraphrasing her position.

The Argus-Leader has called for the ad to be taken down as they are using copyrighted material without attribution, and KELO - TV in South Dakota had a neat piece on how the ad misleads the public about her positions.

There are going to be even worse distortions coming from Diedrich and the GOP as this race gets closer to election day… We will keep you posted.

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