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Mar 12, 2004

Salon Delivers on DeLay

Salon promised to deliver on DeLay today, and indeed they did.  For readers of this blog, most of it will be old news, but they do have one new unidentified source:

“According to sources close to the case there is little doubt that indictments will be handed down. At the center of the investigation is John Colyandro, who showed up at a deposition for the civil suit with his criminal defense lawyer. Colyandro has reportedly been given limited immunity. Jim Ellis, who ran DeLay’s Washington PAC and is hardly naive about campaign finance law, is dangerously close to the center of the inquiry. He directed TRMPAC and called most of the shots, and e-mails turned up in the civil suit connect him to the $190,000 TRMPAC sent to Washington. Bill Ceverha, Tom DeLay’s roommate in ‘Macho Manor,’ a legendary 1980s legislators’ party house, was the PAC treasurer and should have been aware of how money was raised and spent. Two Republican state reps served on the TRMPAC board and raised campaign money. “
“The district attorney will soldier on, even if his funding and staff are eliminated. Editorial boards from the state’s major daily newspapers are supporting his efforts. He seems confident that he has both the law and the facts working for him. The threat to cut his funds won’t work. ‘He’ll go it alone, issuing grand jury subpoenas based on newspaper clips,’ the source said. ‘Ronnie’s in this one for keeps and these guys are in deep ****.’”

If you need to be caught up, either peruse this blog or suck it up and sit through Salon’s day pass ads- this will be big.  If you want to see how DeLay is terrified of a Newt Gingrich fate, and how we’ve gotten “in his head” to quote a loyal commentor, see immediately below.

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