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Mar 18, 2013

Ryan’s Republican Budget: They Didn’t Build This

As House Republicans tout their extreme Tea Party budget this week, keep in mind – they really didn’t build this.

In the latest proof that their budget isn’t a serious proposal to solve the challenges facing the country, Republican Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s new budget is built on major measures that Tea Party House Republicans say they oppose. Most Tea Party Republicans voted against a fiscal cliff deal, they opposed health care reform and they continue to campaign saying they oppose the sequester. However, without those three elements, the House Republican budget unravels.

The Facts On Ryan’s Dishonest Budget:

Uses Higher Revenue from Fiscal Cliff Negotiation. “Ryan said the budget proposal will get $600 billion in additional revenue from higher taxes in the fiscal cliff law (PL 112-240) and would cut the rate of spending growth by about $5 trillion over 10 years.” [Roll Call, 3/10/13]

Two-thirds of House Republicans Voted Against the Fiscal Cliff Deal. [HR 8, Vote #659, 1/01/13]

Uses Medicare Savings From Health Care Reform. Ryan’s budget proposal also would repeal the 2010 health care overhaul (PL 111-148, PL 111-152), but it would maintain the law’s $716 billion in Medicare cost cuts. That became a controversial point during the 2012 presidential race when Ryan, as the Republican vice presidential nominee, criticized the Obama administration for the projected cuts in Medicare spending. [Roll Call, 3/10/13]

Which Ryan Wants To Repeal. Headline: “Ryan says House GOP budget will include Obamacare repeal.” “We believe that Obamacare is a program that will not work,” Ryan said on Fox News Sunday. [CNN, 3/10/13]

And Campaigned Against. “In other words, Ryan and Republican leaders started off opposing the ACA’s Medicare cuts, then turned around and twice passed budgets that kept them, then campaigned against those cuts in the 2012 election, and are now embracing them again.” [TPMDC, 3/11/13]

Uses Cuts from Sequestration. He said the more ambitious timetable would “not really” require much deeper cuts than those outlined previously, because of recent events. They include […] budget sequestration that took effect this month. [Washington Post, 3/10/13]

Boehner: “I Don’t Like the Sequester.” “Let me make clear: I don’t like the sequester,” Boehner said. “I think it’s taking a meat ax to our government, a meat ax to many programs and it will weaken our national defense. That’s why I fought to not have the sequester in the first place. But the president didn’t want to have to deal with the debt limit again before his reelection.” [Politico, 2/06/13]

Ryan Predicted That Sequestration Would Be “Devastating.” “In this battleground state where defense is an essential part of the economy, Paul Ryan brought up the looming issue of $500 billion in defense cuts, also known as sequestration, for the first time since he joined Mitt Romney’s ticket. He accused the president of being behind the “devastating cuts.” [ABC News, 8/17/12]

Uses Revenue from Health Care Reform. The conservative Heritage Foundation wrote that the Ryan budgetkeeps the tax increases associated with Obamacare.” The Washington Post reported that “What is less well-noticed is that Ryan also pocketed the taxes raised by the president’s health-care plan, a.k.a. ‘Obamacare,’ while at the same time pledging to repeal the law to generate significant budget savings.” [Washington Post, 3/13/13]

Ryan Claims that his Budget Repeals Health Care Reform. In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, New York Magazine reported that Paul Ryan “confirmed that his budget assumes Obamacare will be repealed. [New York Magazine, 3/11/13]




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