Campaign 2010

Mar 09, 2004

Rothenberg Saith

From The Rothenberg Political Report (subscription we’re afraid):

“Democrats did pick up a seat in Kentucky and seem poised to make other special election gains…..The economy remains the most important issue for House candidates. That is particularly true in areas where significant job losses have created voter dissatisfaction and unrest.”

Rothenberg concludes that the House layout favors us Dems, since of the 39 seats they list as in play, 23 are on Republican soil and only 14 are on Democratic turf.

Is that why the GOP is suddenly every man for himself?

“The second ranking member of the U.S. House of Representatives plans to push his own legislative agenda—with or without White House approval.”

Or is it because of something else, Bob Novak?

“What worries the GOP faithful is the absence of firm leadership in their party either at the White House or on Capitol Hill.”

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