Campaign 2010

Jun 24, 2004

Ron Jr.


Double Sheesh:

KING: Do you think he wears his religion on his sleeve? He certainly refers to it more than your father ever did.


REAGAN: Well, you know, there was that answer he gave to the question about, did you talk to your father about going into Iraq? No, I talked to a higher father, you know, the almighty. When you hear somebody justifying a war by citing the almighty, God, I get a little worried, frankly. The other guys do that a lot. Osama bin Laden’s always talking about Allah, what Allah wants, that he’s on his side. I think that’s uncomfortable.

KING: Do you have thoughts on the war?


REAGAN: Sure, I have thoughts on the war.

KING: And what do you think?


REAGAN: And I think we lied our way into the war.

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