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Jun 22, 2004

Reynolds in Trouble

Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds is the head of the NRCC, and Buffalo News thinks he has some problems on his hands:

Assemblyman Brian Higgins of Buffalo was paraded before the House Democratic caucus like a prize steer last week.

While Higgins must win a Democratic primary to run for retiring Republican Jack Quinn’s seat, leaders of the House Democratic minority see Higgins as the type who will give Republicans like Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds of Clarence nightmares.

Reynolds is heading the Republicans’ effort to retain their substantial majority in the House. Reynolds has promised the GOP hierarchy his National Republican Congressional Committee will re-elect at least 228 Republicans, their present number, next November.

Keeping all 228 Republican seats will be a tall order for Reynolds.


Reynolds has intensive challenges right in his own back yard, symbolized by Higgins.

Rep. Robert Matsui of California, the Democratic campaign chairman, brought Higgins into the caucus for two reasons: To buck up the House minority, and to indicate that the leadership wants Higgins as its candidate in November, primary aside.

Finally, Reynolds cannot afford to be a part-time campaigner in his own congressional district. This year he is facing an angry Republican-turned-Democrat, a successful Akron businessman with a very lively Web site and a hefty bankroll, Jack Davis.

Meet Jack Davis.

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